Dependent Audit & Verification TPA

Throwing money away?

If you’re not regularly reviewing for eligible dependents in your benefits program, you could be losing valuable budget dollars.

Market research* shows that three to 15 percent of employee dependents could be ineligible for coverage.

Not only does a dependent review help you better manage your benefits budget – it can also free up money for other benefits, help keep benefit costs down for your employees, and reduce your legal risk.

It works.

According to a recent study by the Government Finance Officers’ Association (GFOA), nearly 75% of members surveyed consider dependent verification to be essential or important to their overall cost management efforts.*

Of those using dependent verification, how important is this technique to their overall cost management efforts?

13% Essential
35% Very Important
24% Important
24% Somewhat Important
4% Not Important

*”Containing Health Care Costs” study, Government Finance Officers’ Association, 2012

Let us handle it for you.

Even though they recognize all the benefits, many employers just aren’t sure how to deal with dependent reviews. It can be a complex process, particularly when you’re facing tight administrative resources, impacts to employee morale and a lack of IT support.

We can handle your dependent review and help remove the complexities you face – at no direct cost.

We offer this service at no direct cost to you if Colonial Life has access to meet with all eligible employees and can offer our full benefits portfolio, with no purchase necessary.

Make the most of your budget dollars.

Dependent verification can be a simple option that can help you spend your valuable budget dollars in the right place.

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